Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention at Progressive Women’s Health Care

Our Cancer Prevention program is focused on the prevention and early detection of hereditary and familial cancers. The first aspect of our program screens and evaluates patients who may have an elevated risk for developing one of eight types of hereditary and familial cancers, including breast, ovarian, colon, uterine, pancreatic, gastric, melanoma and prostate cancer. Currently there are 35 genes that have been identified for these eight cancers- that set the background for our genetic testing program.

By using a cancer risk assessment tool and sophisticated models, we can ascertain your risk for developing a hereditary or familial cancer. We can also determine your risk for a sporadic cancer, that is not associated with family history, but can be associated with your personal risk factors.

If you or a family member are identified as having an elevated risk, we can enter you into a high risk program that utilizes precision medicine with DNA testing, high tech diagnostics for increased surveillance and individually targeted therapies for cancer prevention.

We also use selective estrogen regulating modulators (SERM’s) in our practice for appropriate patients which work by blocking the estrogen receptors in breast tissue. Women taking SERM’s can reduce their risk for developing breast cancer by 41-79%.

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