New software will help predict patients’ risk of cancer

 In the fight against cancer, genes are key, and a patient’s family history can be an important indicator of their risk of developing the disease later in life.

Progressive Women’s Health started their Cancer Prevention Program in July of 2013 to help patients predict and lower their risk of hereditary cancers. They recently partnered with the software company, CancerIQ, to take their program one step further.

CancerIQ is a cancer risk assessment and productivity software that makes it easy for providers to identify patients at-risk of hereditary cancer and navigate them to preventative services. Kettering Progressive Women’s health is the first healthcare provider in the Dayton area to offer cutting-edge cancer prevention services and is only one of ten practices in the country to be awarded this opportunity.

Typically, assessing a patient’s cancer risk is time-consuming and filled with stacks of paperwork and complex cancer risk models. With CancerIQ, can quickly identify all patients at elevated risk by using a short health questionnaire on a tablet in the waiting room.

Once patients complete the questionnaire, providers immediately know whether the patient is at elevated risk and qualifies for services like genetic testing. By using CancerIQ’s screening survey and software, the providers at Progressive Women’s Healthcare can better help patients catch cancer early or even prevent cancer before it starts.