Do you know your lifetime risk for developing breast cancer? At Progressive Women’s Healthcare we perform individualized breast risk assessments on our patients. Our goal is to group women into 3 different categories: Average Risk, Increased Risk, and High Risk. It is important to know which category a women falls into because screening and management guidelines vary greatly. Many women need more than just an annual mammogram. The first step is to collect a thorough and accurate family history of cancer from all of our patients. Based on this information, some women may need to have hereditary cancer screening.  Other women may not meet criteria for testing; however still have a family history of breast cancer, increasing their risk well above the general population’s risk. An individualized breast risk assessment is then done, which factors in potential sporadic risk factors and family history of breast cancer.  The assessment allows us to confidently know which risk category the patient falls into, therefore ensuring the best management for breast health. At Progressive Women’s Healthcare our mission is to catch breast cancer as early as possible and to even prevent breast cancer before it starts!