Finding the right medication can be frustrating for the provider and the patient. At Progressive Women’s Healthcare, we use GeneSight to help eliminate this frustration. GeneSight analyzes your individual genes which influences the way your body responds to different medication. When you are on medication that doesn’t match your genetics, you are more prone to having unwanted side effects or not be helped by the medication. With GeneSight we have the capability of picking the right medication the first time. As of now the GeneSight includes medication for the following conditions:




Bipolar Disorder


Acute and Chronic Pain



Folic Acid Deficiency

If you are interesting in getting GeneSight done, please call our office for an appointment. At the time of the appointment a cheek swab will be used to collect cells that contain DNA. Once your test results are back we will bring you into go over the test results and make medication changes if appropriate. Some of the listed medical conditions above we do not manage so it is important that all providers involved in your care have a copy of the test results. Clinical studies show that when providers use GeneSight, their patients are twice as likely to get on the right medication and patients reported a 70% improvement in their symptoms versus usual treatment. With the help of GeneSight, let us personalize your treatment plan.